Dear daysoft wearer

I hope that you find the information on this blog to be of interest to you.  It includes some personal details and some information about the company.   However, perhaps the most important thing to say is that whoever comes in contact with Daysoft … as a customer or not … should feel that they have been treated courteously and honestly at all times.  We are proud to be manufacturing our lenses in the UK and to be selling millions every month to A) Independent Opticians, B) European Optical Multiples (using their own-brand names) and C) increasingly, on-line via our website through which we ship 10,000 Orders every week direct to contact lens wearers around the world.

Recent news (see Journal) shows how the German Courts ruled in our favour to a challenge by 4Care, Germany, to the Price Comparison advertising on German Wings in-flight magazine.

More negative Research Results regarding ineffective Cleaning Solutions (see NEWS).   That’s why we only make daily-disposables.

Kind regards


Ronald S Hamilton CBE, Founder & Chairman, Daysoft Limited, 5 Livingston Boulevard, Blantyre, G71 0BP, Scotland


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