Dear daysoft wearer

Challenging the establishment. Round 1
September marked the 20th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first daily-disposable contact lens. Throughout its development my business partner, Bill Seden, and I came under unscrupulous attacks by existing contact lens and solutions manufacturers because our ideas threatened their business model. One company, in particular, attempted to disrupt our patent filings and by so-doing to kill our business initiatives. But they failed. We persisted and we won-out.

I take great satisfaction from knowing that millions of contact lens wearers around the world enjoy the health-care benefits of daily disposability which Bill and I had pioneered and successfully commercialised. After many years of uncertainty, when Bausch & Lomb sought to buy our business and our extensive patent filings we agreed, giving our families financial security and a rest! B&L, having invested $millions in attempting to develop a d-d process/product themselves, had failed to do so. J&J and CIBA subsequently launched their own d-d lens … but, even after 20 years, it’s nice thinking ‘we were first’!

Challenging the optical establishment. Round 2
In 2001 I launched a new daily-disposable lens having completed my 5 year non-compete with Bausch & Lomb. I envisaged a B2B Internet-technology based business offering Independent Opticians the chance to tap into our new website which would allow them to compete with UK Optical Multiples. But the resistance to change was immense and we were simply asked to ship patient-specific orders to their shops which they would then send on to the wearer, keeping the wearer details to themselves but double or tripling the price! By 2006 enough was enough. So it was that I announced to the optical world (in Optician Magazine) that Daysoft would take orders direct on the Internet from wearers and ship direct to them. We became, and still are, the only contact lens manufacture in the world to adopt this business model allowing us to undercut even the biggest manufacture and the biggest retail giants, such as Specsavers.

The affordable, healthy option,
Today, over 500 million daysoft branded lenses have been ordered on and shipped direct. Over 2,000 daysoft orders a day are shipped to customers on our data-base which now exceeds 300,000 CL wearers. More importantly, we have the biggest post-market surveillance set of statistics underpinning the health-care validity of our business model. Uniquely, we have full traceability of every lens Lot sold and to which individual allowing us to verify the consistency of our lenses, our customer wearing satisfaction rating and our unique Internet based business-model.

Unscrupulous attacks, this time from the Multiples.
Now, I mentioned above the attacks experienced when inventing the first daily-disposable lens but these attacks pale into relative insignificance compared to the unscrupulous attacks daysoft lenses experience almost daily by the UK’s biggest optical retailers. Numerous examples of defamatory remarks made to the public have been sent to me and onwards to the General Optical Council (GOC) but they will take no action against the big Optical Multiples. Why? I believe this is because the GOC is not funded by Government (as many would assume) but by opticians themselves, primarily by the Multiples. Furthermore, the Director of Professional Services of Specsavers, sits on the GOC management committee and, believe it or not, on the GOC appointments committee. These attacks confirm their desperation at our highly successful business model and their deep seated determination to maintain the outdated and inefficient status-quo. We persist.

Thank you reading this and, if you are one, for being a customer.
Kind regards

45 thoughts on “Dear daysoft wearer

  1. Hi, Maybe you should send out info to Opticians, because again my older daughter, this time, Charlotte was told not to use your lenses because they are not good enough BUT really they just want to sell lenses at £40 per months supply instead of your great prices. I think what they do is very bad practice. Charlotte will be sticking with you……………. I did get a great reply from your company when Rachel my youngest was made to feel bad because she bought lenses from you. I told Charlotte she should have mentioned that you invented them!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Julia. Yes, we do let offending opticians know and indeed reported Specsavers to the General Optical Council. It is very bad practice indeed. We sell millions of lenses every month … not just on-line but through own-brand European Optical Multiples to ensure our lenses meet all ‘route-to-market standards. Thank you for being a loyal customer. Kind regards Ron.

  2. Thank you all at Daysoft. I have been wearing contact lenses since i was 14 i’m now 44 years young lol. I have used daysoft lenses now for many years and they are great in everyway, comfort, packaging,ease of use and cost. In this day and age the internet can be a scary place especially when it comes to your health. Your lenses are top notch i have had every lens you can imagine over the last 30 years my search stops here.If this comment helps daysoft’s business then it’s because you deserve it. Keep doing what you do, love your product, the value for money puts the others to shame.Just placed another order.PS i dont normally ever bother posting comments on blogs.
    Kind regards
    Nick Green

  3. Hi, I don’t and never have posted any comments on blogs so this is my first and it’s because this is probably the website most of my stuff is from regarding general eye wear. Daysoft is AMAZING!! I used to wear acuview contact lenses which were ‘the best’ as they were marketed until I found this website… These daysoft contact lenses work exactly the same and maybe even better as they’re cheaper! Thank you daysoft for the great prices and reliability.

    • Dear Shaun, Yes I know John very well and am aware of his work, primarily in the formulation of soft contact lens materials with business partner John Parker. My contribution was, with my business partner Bill Seden, the invention of a very low cost manufacturing process such that lenses could economically be made of a few pence so were disposable daily. In 1993 two soft CLs retailed at £50 each + cost of daily cleaning solutions … we launched the world’s first daily disposables with BOOTS Opticians retailing at £0.50 each. Regards

  4. Hi all, Ron
    I have been using the contacts for many years and have no complaints. They are the only lenses I can use all day without pain or eyes drying up. Unbelievable value and delivered, what more can I say. I too have been told by the optometrist at Spec Savers not to use them and I explained that these are the only lenses I can wear from morning to night. I figure its about the Australian market being fearful. Great lenses

  5. I was switched to Clariti lenses by my optician as I had neovascularisation and she claimed they let in 3-4 times more oxygen than my day soft silk lenses. When I asked her the water content of the daysoft she went online to find out but claimed she couldn’t find it.

    • Dear Paul, There is no evidence to show that wearing daysoft daily-disposables lenses cause neovascularisation. The same applies to any other of the leading brand hydrogel daily-disposables. Hydrogels dominate the CL market, not SiH. As the video (see previous reply) explains supplying more oxygen than the eye can consume offers no benefit and if the higher lens modulus (higher hardness) of all SiH lenses is factored in the result is ‘mechanical-complications’ ie a loss of comfort. The higher price is a ploy. Daysoft lenses have been on the market for over 12years with frequent reference in the optical press so it is strange that your optician is not familiar with our product. To help please refer him/her to a site dedicated to Eye Care Practitioners. I will end with advice … follow your opticians instructions but do take a second opinion. I hope this helps Paul. Kind regards Ron

  6. Dear Ron
    I have just had a lens check with my optician (@£60! because I don’t buy my lenses from them but from Daysoft) A more thorough check this time, final judgement of perfect fit, perfect vision, in fact a big compliment for Daysoft. I only found Daysoft 5 years ago, and had been previously put off wearing Acuvue due to the cost. I wish I had found them earlier! My stepdaughter in Norway is full of their praises too. Many thanks!

  7. Dear Ron, i have tried quite a few different lenses, & always come back to yours. Not just because they are the cheapest, but because they are the most comfortable. Also i find some (other) lenses tear very easily both on putting them in & taking out, which worried me that there maybe bits of lense left in my eye! I also find your website very easy to follow & ordering is a doddle, & they always arrive in the post promptly. Im always advising friends about your product.

  8. Dear Pat, Many thanks for your feedback. Compared to the other ‘giant’ manufacturers we are really quite small but have the advantage of communicating direct with end-users such as yourself. Something I enjoy, especially when I, on behalf of the Daysoft Team, get emails like yours. Thank you. Kind regards. Ron

  9. Dear Ron, I have several eye problems mostly related to over 20 years of contact lenses wear. I’m almost sure that the majority of my symptoms increased when I’ve switched to silicone hydrogel lenses, about 10 years ago. Anyway even if my eyes aren’t the healthies in the world I’ve managed to keep wearing contact lenses without tragic consequences. My biggest problem is related to GPC that from time to time becomes so bothersome that I must stay away from contacts for a whiile. To reduce the interaction between the stiff edge of the lens and the backside of the eyelid I’ve decided to wear only hydrogel lenses with low modulus. So my question is (sorry for the long post) is it possibile to know the modulus of the daysoft contact lenses, expressed in MPa?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Ivan, daysoft Modulus is 0.49 MPa. This compares to Acuvue Oasis SiH of 0.7 MPa,ie 42% stiffer. It is reported that increase in modulus (compared to hydrogels) can lead to an increase in some contact lens-related problems, such as contact lens papillary conjunctivitis (CLPC) and superior epithelial arcuate lesions (SEALs). In some cases patients exhibiting these problems can be changed to a lower modulus material. Hope this helps Ivan. Kind regards, Ron

      • My local optician refused to sell me any more contact lenses because of past corneal ulcers and blood vessel growth. I can wear the daysoft lenses comfortably and save the 30pounds check up charge.

        Love daysoft

  10. Hi, Little is made of this subject here and think it could be broadcast much more.

    I have an excellent optician and will continue to use them for my regular check-ups and glasses. However, I am very against unnecessary animal testing (in my view, most animal testing is NOT necessary). Working with my optician we both tried to find a brand that didn’t test only to find that as CLs are classified as pharmaceutical, they can and do test. However, I was keen to change my brand (Johnson & Johnson) due to their big animal testing programme (on cosmetic products as well). All other manufactures tested on animals and most were involved in other products I did not want to contribute to (I confess I went down the rabbit hole a bit into who owned who and what actually went on behind the scenes).
    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I tripped upon your company and was delighted I was able to square the circle, still wear my lenses, not support this abhorrent practice – and saved a bit of money in the process.

    So a big thank you, I’m very happy with the first month’s use of Daysoft Silk, will continue to use them and will be recommending them to others.

  11. Wearing daysoft has been a blessing. For me they are very cost effective, very comfortable, and I love the fact that they are disposable– I don’t HAVE to store them. Been wearing them for some time. Sorry, glasses are just not for me. Thank you for these lens.

    • …. and thank you Elicia. We ship 2,000 Orders a day and just love to have feedback. I am proud of the fact that we provide lenses at a non-rip-off price even if the ‘big-boys’ don’t like us for doing so. Kind regards Ron

  12. Hope you are well Ron.

    I’ve been a customer for many a year and always ‘promote’ them to friends, colleagues where possible. I wondered how the Scottish Referendum will affect the company, if at all? Thanks.


    • Dear Graham, Regarding the effect on Daysoft I am very apprehensive about a YES vote. Please see my page on the Independence Referendum. Thank you for being a customer, and, whatever happens tomorrow Daysoft will remain committed to its customers such as you and all over the world. Regards Ron

  13. I wear Daysoft Silk all the time, great product at a great price. It is worrying buying a product so much cheaper than the competition as your eyes are very important and nobody wants to damage their sight. I have tried most of the rest but cannot fault Daysoft Lenses. Thank you.

    • Thank you Roger. A number of things contribute to our low cost: 1) we only make daily-disposables giving us manufacturing specialisation 2) we design our own machines and carefully ‘engineer’ all our manufacturing and distribution processes 3) we use advanced e-commerce internet technology now with a customer base of over 300,000 4) our product and packaging was designed for the internet (compact and letter-box friendly) and 5) we try to keep close to our customer whom we never take for granted. Kind regards Ron

  14. Hi Ron and all at Daysoft, Scotland. UK

    As a previous loyal employee of Bausch & Lomb (UK) LTD, Livingston, Scotland. (10 Years). I always thought I would remain totally faithful to that brand.
    Id been using there daily disposable soflens, during this time, overall I thought they were OK.

    I’ve now been using Daysoft lenses for over two years now. It has been an absolute pleasure to purchase your daily disposable lenses at such a low price. The comfort and clarity they offer is simply fantastic even using them daily sometimes around 14 hours. The praise you receive daily, worldwide from your customers is totally justified.

    Thanks indeed from a very loyal customer. I wouldn’t even consider trying any other lenses from any other manufacturer as these are simply absolute perfection.

  15. I am 54. I have been wearing soft lens contacts since I was 16. I have tried them all. Even if they were all the same price, none gives me the comfort and vision of the Day Soft lens. Now, factor in the fact the Day Soft lens is sold at a fraction of the price and shipped to my door. It’s a no brain choice folks. Day Soft beats them all! My optometrist is a long time personal friend. Her RX is almost the same as mine. I got her to try a few pair of my Day Soft. She’s sold as well! THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU!

  16. I only discovered daysoft lens this year and I’m so glad I have…I only wish I had discovered it earlier. Paying for my contact lens’ has become less of a financial burden and the service is truly excellent. Thanks very much:)

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