A little bit of personal history

I led the invention & development of the the world’s first daily disposable contact lens business before selling it to Bausch & Lomb in 1996. The subsequent market entry by J&J (Acuvue) and by CIBA (Focus Dailies) should have driven cost down to an affordable level but this did not happen thereby depriving millions of contact lens wearers of the benefits  of daily disposability.  Therefore, on the expiry of my 5 year non-compete agreement, in 2001, I completed a new lens design and production process and launched daysoft with the goal of replacing all other brands but at a uniquely low cost to wearers.  This was the birth of Daysoft Limited.

In the Daysoft Group Lab in Scotland we design our lenses, the equipment to make them on and we are proud to sell millions every month around the world through both Opticians and on-line.  We rely on advanced production technology and the rapidly emerging Internet technologies and are pleased to see daysoft being marketed for just £12.48/month delivered to your home or office.

daysoft limited now has data on file relating to over 12 million brand comparisons and extensive wearer feedback.

The claim that daysoft replaces other brands for half the price is justifiable.

I hope you will have time to read the Journal entries and the other articles shown above, in particular:

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