The 10 times safer lens

Dear Contact Lens Wearer

The 10 times safer lens.

Contact lenses are an inherently safe form of vision correction.   The same cannot be said for the huge array of cleaning solutions recommended to keep contact lenses ‘clean’.   The fact is that the inherently safe contact lenses get ‘contaminated’ by the cleaning solutions and the processes of storing and ‘cleaning’ the lens.  The simple answer is to throw your lenses away at the end of each day, ie daily disposables such as daysoft contact lenses.

Here is a quote from the December 2006 edition of ‘Global Contacts’ journal;

“Dr Nathan Efron stressed that daily disposables were known to be 10 times safer than other contact lenses” adding that; “Research by eye doctors and the industry agree that daily disposable contact lenses are the way forward”.

Soft contact lenses today are mostly water held in an ‘open’ sponge-like matrix.  This matrix is a natural location for protein and other materials which build-up on the eye during every-day use.  ‘Cleaning’ does not remove it but a side-effect is that the cleaning solution is down-loaded to your eye … 1 in 10 people will suffer an allergic reaction to this ‘cleaning’ process and, in some cases the consequences are much more severe (see my  22 June 2006 Blog).

Another side-effect is discomfort (the major reason why people stop wearing contact lenses).  Again, as Dr Efron succinctly put it, it was time to;

 “stop trying to make dirty lenses comfortable”

One day the Solutions industry will take this advice.

Kind regards


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