Introducing Daysoft

silkpacks-3135535455-oresize[1]For several years now I have been ‘publishing’ this Blog.  I have to admit that it is not the fastest-moving show on earth but I personally find it helpful to record some of the latest events relating to the company with a sprinkling of some personal reminiscences thrown and in with the hope that others find the writings helpful.

Some ‘breaking-news’ as they say … we advertise very widely in print, radio, on-line, on the London ‘tube’,  on in-flight magazines but have decided to try TV advertising later this month and early next month.  If you click you will get   TV Ad

The commitment we made when first daysoft(R) lenses went on the market in 2001 and repeated when we went online in 2006  was that whoever should comes in contact with our company should feel that they have been fairly and courteously treated … customers, enquirers, competitors, employees, suppliers and I do hope that has been your experience also.

Daysoft is a ‘private’ UK business with all our lenses designed and made in Scotland. We now sell into around 6 million lenses every month to over 90 countries through Independent Opticians, European Optical Multiples under their brand but most of our sales are via with over 6,000 New Wearers last month alone.

Thank you for your interest in Daysoft.

Kind regards