Meet our Optometrist

Malcolm J Louch Director of Professional Services

Dear Contact Lens Wearer,

daysoft only manufactures daily disposable contact lenses because it is well proven that two fresh contact lenses every day is the healthiest form of contact lens wear invented.

If you wear another brand of daily disposables you may wish to try daysoft for our unbeatable price or because our high specification lenses incorporate UV inhibitor and have round-edge design for extra comfort.   Perhaps you wear a brand requiring daily cleaning (monthly or 2-weekly disposables) and may wish to upgrade to daysoft because you want all the comfort, convenience and eye care benefits which only daily disposables can provide, but at a price similar to what you already pay.

…In either case daysoft will provide the new experience you want.

Selecting the best daysoft lens for you could not be easier. On the Order Contact Lenses page simply select your current brand from the scrollable list and the unique web-based Brand Matching feature will immediately select the  58% water content daysoft lens for you.

As further assurance every order is also backed up by the no quibble returns policy.

Many thousands of contact lens wearers around the world already enjoy the unique benefits from selecting daysoft daily disposable contact lenses and I hope you too will join them.

4 thoughts on “Meet our Optometrist

  1. Patrick Harris.

    Hi I where Daysoft lenses from early morning to Late Evening Dalily.
    I have been using Daysoft Silk for a very long time and will not change from them.
    Brilliant Lenses.

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