Welcome to my BLOG

Thank you for visiting.  The purpose of this site is to provide some personal history regarding my work in contact lenses and, in particular, to the development of the Daysoft Limited business.

My first company, AWARD plc, developed the world’s first daily-disposable contact lens and sold it to Bausch & Lomb, one of the biggest eye-care companies.  With a five-year non-compete agreements I might have stopped further development but I had other ideas and established my second contact lens business when my non-compete ended.

My second company is Daysoft Limited.  This business makes a new daily-disposable lens and markets it direct to wearers around the world bringing unique convenience, best eye-care modality and ultra-low cost.  The lenses are all made in the UK (in our modern laboratory in Scotland) with the tag line ‘daysoft replaces other brands for half the price’.

Over 500 million daysoft lenses have been sold with repeat purchasers exceed 90% every month.

Kind regards


Ronald S Hamilton CBE, Executive Chairman, Daysoft Limited