INPAC Technology

Creating a greener world

Daysoft has responded to the challenge of reducing environment-polluting plastic waste by redesigning its ‘blister-pac’.  This redesign cuts waste by 43% without changing the lens design or material. Damage-free lens removal from the new smaller ‘blister’ takes less than 10 seconds … please view

Daysoft’s innovative INPAC® Technology now means Daysoft uses up to 63% less plastic packaging per lens compared to other contact lens producers because the lens is formed entirely in-the-pac.  This avoids imperfections and improves hygiene … the lens is never handled.  The small cavity which can be felt at the bottom of the INPAC® ‘blister’ is where the dry lens was formed before absorbing 58% weight in saline and expanding by a similar amount becoming a high-precision super-soft daysoft® lens.

INPAC® contact lens manufacturing technology is very widely patented with the US patent being confirmed on 1st January 2019 … a great start to the year.

The full roll-out of lenses made using INPAC® technology will be completed during 2019.  It is worth mentioning that the lens design, lens material, pac material and packaging solution formulation has not changed.