What’s the secret behind the daysoft.com £5.99, price? And now just £4.99 per Box 32 lenses. Unbeatable!?

Even I can understand the thinking behind this question which drives our competitors mad. “It’s too good to be true,” is trotted-out because, quite simply, they cannot match our price and don’t know how we do it.

Well firstly, let me dispel any doubts that its cheap labour, because it’s not.  All our lenses were invented, designed and made in Great Britain and everyone is paid above the country’s Living Wage Rate.  We pay UK taxes here and are profitable year on year.

Secondly, it is not by making to inferior standards.  Our lenses conform to Great Britain’s Medical Device standards which are on a par with any other world-wide regulations for contact lenses.  And no, we don’t import from China or the Far East and stick on fancy label … we make here, sell into there and to 92 countries!

OK, so what’s the secret?  We focus on only making daily-disposables.  Everyone involved is under one roof from machine design and build through raw material receipt to shipping complete box of lenses direct to you and hundreds of others right from the end of our highly-automated production lines here in Britain, 24 hours a day, backed-up by a customer-focused Customer-care Team. We use a fraction of the plastic needed by other lens manufacturers don’t test our lenses on animals and recycle waste.

If you are already a daysoft® wearer, thank you but, if not, we hope you will give us a try and to read over 15,000 wearers reviews just click here.

Kind regards


Ronald S Hamilton CBE, Executive Chairman, Daysoft Limited