GOC concludes, no daysoft substitution harm

daysoft+promo+shoot+18.3.14-10-3131097725-ORESIZEDaysoft’s online brand-substitution website for contact lenses saves its customers £10 million a year compared to them buying from high-street opticians. A General Optical Council (GOC) commissioned review of the health risks associated with optical practices has concluded that there is no evidence of patients suffering direct harm as a result of substitution.

Ron Hamilton, Daysoft’s Founder says, “I am delighted at this vindication of our brand-substitution business-model , after all, we have been operating www.daysoft.com successfully for 10 years.  However, by far the most significant fact is that 1.6 million contact UK lens wearers are still being prescribed extended wear or re-usable contact lenses by their opticians because their daily-disposables are ‘unaffordable’ by comparison, and despite the fact that reusable lenses carry 12 times the risk of eye-infection compared to daily-disposables which are regarded as being intrinsically-safe.  That is why Daysoft only supplies daily-disposables”.

Daysoft Limited is an innovative Scottish based contact lens manufacturing and e-commerce company. Its unique business model integrates its low-cost manufacturing process with its direct ordering and supply operations, taking orders from around the world 24/7 directly into its despatch operations which, for maximum efficiency, are right next to its production lines.

Daysoft’s unique lens design is a proven substitute for over competitor 200 brands.  All of the above allows Daysoft to cut costs below those of any competitor.  To complete the picture, Daysoft has the best post-market surveillance system in the contact lens world with every one of 250 million lens sold have full to-consumer traceability.  The company complies with international regulatory standards as required for medical devices and operates lawfully

It was in April, 2006 after considerable technical and market research that http://www.daysoft.com was launched.  Its commitment was to make and supply its daily disposables contact lenses direct to consumers around the world with the banners:

daysoft® replaces other brands for half the price

daysoft® supplies only the healthiest choice – daily disposables

Today, ten years on since launch, 60+ million daysoft® lenses are sold annually direct on-line into 74 countries.  In the UK alone in 2015, daysoft.com saved its customers £10million and has taken 7% of the market taken primarily from the ‘Big 4’ producers. The saving goes direct to customers in a low price-point offering of just £5.99 for 32 contact lenses.