silk+packs-3135535455-ORESIZETo read daysoft contact lens wearer feedback you can now go straight to the very latest comments on our website by clicking on this link.

4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Conor

    I stop using Daysoft a while back and had been just using my glasses. Looked through my emails to even find name of the company again and stumbled upon this. Very impressive and will motivate me to give them more business. This is superb determination and innovation to produce a sophisticated product at affordable prices. I remember wearing them overnight a few times when you aren’t supposed to [nights out with the lads] and it wasn’t too bad of an ordeal compared to friends who used monthly’s old type lenses. Best wishes for continued success Ron!

  2. Daphne

    I reordered my contacts and selected classic instead of silk due to allergies. In making the switch, I selected a + number instead of a – negative. Customer service alerted me about the error and they were changing the order to what I previously ordered in the past. I believe this is superb service when a company rep. takes the time out to look at past orders to see that something is not right and fix it.Day soft rep. saved me a lot of grief.

    1. Dear Daphne, Thank you for your feedback. The Customer-care Team really appreciate this … it is the sort of feedback which is a great motivator. Recognition is always welcome. We ship over 12,000 Orders every week but everyone of these is special. Kind regards Ron. Founder Daysoft.

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