10 second lens pack opening

3 thoughts on “10 second lens pack opening

  1. R Lynas

    I really do love daysoft lenses. They are so comfortable and easy to forget they are even there! The packaging changed about a year ago and not too sure that it is any better and while trying to tear strips a few have been sacrificed. Green is definitely he best way to go but perhaps the perforations could be better etc. Apart from the packaging they are absolutely amazing! Never judge a product by the packaging I guess!

    1. Thank you Richard. We do keep our packaging design/performance under constant review especially to minimise the use of materials for the optimum ‘green-footprint’.
      It is great to get feedback. Kind regards Ron

      1. Freedom

        I just got mine today. I’m so impressed. Other than the packaging. I’m going to tell all my friends about Daysoft.

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